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vocabulaire anglais : expressions orales

Communiquez librement est le souhait de tous ceux qui font des cours d’anglais. Mais pour un débutant qui ne maîtrise ni la grammaire ni un grand vocabulaire, que pourrait-on faire ?

Ne vous inquiétez pas, dans la vie quotidienne, on utilise beaucoup d’expressions très très  courtes à l’oral, un ou deux ou trois mots suffira pour exprimer un sentiment, pourquoi pas commencer par des phrases courtes mais efficaces ?

Heavens! q(=My God!)

-I heard that you were sick.
-Yes, I had SARS.
Heavens! Are you completely well?
-Yes, don’t worry.

-What happened to that policeman?
-He was shot by the criminal.
Heavens! Did he survive?
-Yes, but he was badly hurt.


-Here! Stop fighting!
-But we exercise by boxing.

Stage de perfectionnement en anglais

-Here. Put this bathing suit on.
-Will it fit?
-Try it.
-Here. Take it back. It’s too small.

Howdy? (=How are you?/How are you doing?/How do you do?)

-Howdy? What’s up today?
-Nothing new.

-Howdy? What brings you here?
-I’m picking up my boyfriend.

-Where were you these days?
-I went to Sichuan.


Cours anglais école

-You are just a jerk!
-Hey! I am your elder brother. You got to give me some respect.
-OK! Mr. potato-head.

-Why are you shouting?
Jerk! Back-off your car. You are blocking the street.

Maybe. (=probably/perhaps/possibly)

-Will you love me forever?
-Why do you say that?
-I cannot see the future.

-I believe it will rain tonight.
-I’m sure of it.
Maybe as you say.

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