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parler anglais: comment draguer dans un bar

C’est un sujet très sérieux.

How to chat someone up ina nightclub… ?!   Dans la vidéo, le jeune garçon se bat pour un sourire d’une demoiselle charmante dans un bar :

first round:
boy:Did you know there is a mistake in the English alphabet?
girl :Erm, no. I didn’t.
B: Yeah! They should have put U and I together!
G: …

second round:
B:Do you believe in love at first sight?
B:Then maybe I should walk in again then!
G:Or just walk out.

round 3:
B : Are we er…are we near the airport?
G : No.
B: Then maybe that was my heart taking off.
G : (sighs and shakes head)
R 4:
B : Is it hot in here?
G : No.
B : Then it must be you.
G : I don’t think so.

B: There er…seems to be some problem with my mobile phone.
G: What?
B: Yeah, (it) doesn’t have your number in it!

chat someone up (phrasal verb) – (UK, informal) to talk to someone in a way which shows you are attracted to the person.
love at first sight (expression)   – falling in love when seeing a person for the first time.
date (n.) – a social meeting between two people or a sweet fruit of the date palm. In the conversation, the man is playing with the word ‘date’ which can mean a fruit or a social meeting.

Mais, est-ce qu’il a enfin réussi ? Regardons la vidéo pour découvrir son atout romantique :

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