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parler anglais: comment faires des compliments

How to pay a compliment ?

Un compliment pertinent fera plaisir à tout le monde, mais est-ce que vous savez le faire en anglais ? Aujourd’hui, on va apprendre ensemble quelques expressions utiles pour faire des compliments.


Man: Good morning!

Woman: Morning!

Man: By the way, I just wanted to say well done on clinching that deal!

Woman: Oh, thanks. It wasn’t too difficult.

Man: You’re being modest! You did really well.

Woman: Thank you.

Man: You’re a great manager, you know.

Woman: Do you think so?

Man: Oh yeah.

Woman: I appreciate that.


Man: Have you cut your hair?

Woman: Oh yes, I did actually. Thanks for noticing!

Man: Where did you get it done?

Woman: Oh, just that place on the high street.

Man: They did a great job and it looks great with the outfit.

Woman: Do you think so?

Man: Oh yeah. Very … fashionable.

Woman: Oh, it’s just an old thing.

Man: Well, you’ve got a great sense of style.

Woman: Thank you, you too.

Man: Thank you.


Man: Nice perfume, too. Is that Dream?

Woman: Well, yes it is, actually.

Man: You wear it well.

Woman: I’m flattered.

Man: My pleasure.

Woman: Listen, do you want something?

Man: No. I’m just being polite, you know.

Woman: Hmmm.


1.pay someone a compliment : faire un compliment à quelqu’un

2.clinch : gagner ( informel )

3.deal :  affaire

4.I’m flattered : Je suis flatté.

5.I appreciat that : je vous remercie

6.you wear it well: ça vous va bien.

7.high street ; rue principale

8.outfit: ensemble, un tenu

9.notice : remarquer

10.fashionable : à la mode

11. by the way : d’ailleurs

Exercice: Match the words and phrases to their definitions in English.

a. to say something to express approval or admiration for things that someone does

b. to win (informal )

c. used to thank someone or to show that you are grateful.

d. where the most important shops and businesses in a town are located ( British english)

e. set of clothes

f. used to express that you are very pleased after receiving a compliment

g. expression used to introduce a new subjet or add information

h. a business arrangement

i. to see or become aware of something

j. It suits you, it is right for you.

k. following a style that is popular at a particular time


a – 1; b-2; c-5; d-7; e-8; f-4; g-11; h-3; i-9; j-6; k-10

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