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parler anglais : vous êtes embauché ! (4)

Ajourd’hui, la vidéo de cette série d’apprentissage d’anglais vous montre exactement ce qu’il ne faut surtout pas faire pendant un entretien d’embauche, donc, regardez bien et en tirez des leçon !

DW: Hi there.

MB: Good morning Daniel!

DW: Dan, please…

MB: I’m Marcia Boardman – we spoke on the phone – and this is Philip Hart, our CEO.

PH: Hello!

DW: Nice to meet you both.

PH: So it says here on your CV that you’re interested in rock climbing…

DW: Yeah…love it!

PH: Great – so do I! When did you last go climbing?

DW: Oh, er, well, it was a while ago now…

PH: Anywhere interesting?

DW: Yeah. I walked up the hill behind my house. Took me about thirty minutes!

PH: Oh.

MB: Ok, erm, Daniel, can you tell us a little bit about your current position?

DW: Certainly – as it says in the CV, I’m part of the European Sales team at Networld. We’re the world’s leading supplier of IT hardware.

PH: Why do you want to move on?

DW: Well, they’re too small for me.

MB: Networld!? Networld are too small for you?

DW: Oh yeah. I’m looking for something much bigger.

PH: Well, we’re not a big company by any means, but we are looking to grow! What first attracted you to WebWare in particular?

DW: Well, I see WebWare as kind of like a stepping stone

MB: Sorry?

DW: Yeah, start here gain the necessary experience, then move onto something bigger.

PH: Ok…well, I do admire your ambition!

DW: Thanks – I’ve got lots of it!

MB: Let’s move on to managing people. Can you give an example of a time when you had to deal with a particularly difficult managee?

DW: Sure – well I think that’s one of my strong points actually. A couple of years ago, I was working with a guy, he wasn’t pulling his weight, basically being lazy – so I told him to get out.

MB: Oh, you didn’t give him a performance review, or a warning, or perhaps try to help develop his motivation?

DW: No,no, no. None of that rubbish. If someone’s not working hard enough, then they’re out! That’s the way I work. I’m a hard man.

MB: I see.

PH: How would you handle a rapidly changing market?

DW: Basically not change anything at all! Just continue on as normal regardless!

MB: According to your CV you are fluent in Mandarin…

DW: Well, I wouldn’t say ‘fluent’ exactly…but, I like Chinese food a lot – so I can read the menu!

PH: So you can’t actually speak the language?

DW: Erm, no.

MB: Can you tell us about a time you had to close a particularly challenging deal.

DW: I haven’t had one. They’re all easy for me. I close deals all the time!

MB: Ok – well do you have any questions for us?

DW: No.

PH: Oh. Ok. Erm. Thanks.

MB: Let’s move on to the presentation…


stepping stone – a stage or step that helps achieve a goal

ambition – a strong feeling of wanting to be successful in life and achieve great things

managee – a person who is managed (the opposite of a manager)

motivation – a feeling of enthusiasm, interest, or commitment that makes somebody want to do something a deal – a business transaction

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