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parler anglais : vous êtes embauché ! (7)

Philip Hart et Marcia Boardman discuctent quel candidat qu’on va prendre.

PH: So…what did you think?

MB: Well… between Sarah Timms and Daniel Watson – I think the choice is pretty obvious!

PH: Yes – so do I. Watson looked so good on paper

MB: He seemed very good when I first spoke to him too..

PH: First impressions often lie! MB: Indeed…I think a lot of his CV was – how shall we say? “Counterfactual

PH: Yes – it just wasn’t true! You should never lie on your CV…

MB: He had very good references, though – very strange.

PH: I guess some people just like that sort of style, but he wouldn’t fit in with us…I mean, it’s important to be confident – but he was overconfident.

MB: I couldn’t agree more. His body language was all wrong…he came across as arrogant.

PH: Then he gave very vague answers – no specific details of what exactly he’d done in his job…

MB: Whereas Sarah Timms…

PH: …knew exactly what she was talking about.

MB: Yes, she was very convincing, self-assured, but not arrogant.

PH: She’d clearly done some research on the company, and knew what she was talking about.

MB: I thought her presentation was excellent.

PH: Yes, it was, but I am a little worried about how much experience she has…

MB: Yes, true, but she seems very ready to take on the challenges the role would offer her.

PH: So? Who do we give the job to?

MB: Sarah!

PH: Yes, I agree entirely!

MB: Great! I’ll phone her straight away offering the post…and I’ll write a rejection to Mr. Watson!

PH: Ok.


good on paper – qualifications and experience that are impressive on a CV

counterfactual – not reflecting or considering the facts

references – a statement concerning somebody’s character or qualifications, usually given to a potential employer

body language – bodily mannerisms, postures, and facial expressions that can be interpreted as communicating somebody’s feelings or psychological state

arrogant – feeling or showing self-importance and contempt or disregard for others

vague – not clear in meaning or intention

convincing – able to persuade somebody to believe that something is true

self-assured – behaving in a relaxed manner that displays confidence that your views and abilities are of value

a rejection – a letter to tell a candidate that they have not received the job.

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