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parler anglais: vous êtes embauché ! (9)

Avant d'accepter l'offre de l'entreprise, Sarah négocie avec Marcia sur son contrat.

MB: Hi! Welcome to WebWare.

ST: Thanks, nice to see you again

MB: You too. So, you said you wanted to come in and have a chat before you started…

ST: Yeah, I just wanted to have a look round, and ask a few more questions, if I can… MB: Sure, fire away!

ST: Well, I was delighted to receive the job offer…

MB: Good – we were delighted to offer it to you…

ST: But before I sign the contract there were one or two specifics I wanted to talk about

MB: Ok…’specifics’?

ST: Well…there is a pay scale, instead of a fixed salary

MB: Yes, as a new employee you’d be at the lower end of the pay scale.

ST: But taking my experience into account…

MB: Well, you haven’t had that much experience – we see you as an investment…

ST: But that salary would only be a little more than I’m making now – so, instead of asking for a higher level on the pay scale, I thought this could be compensated by adding certain bonuses – for instance if I make certain sales targets, or even break them, I would be looking for a good cash payment, or stock options in the company.

MB: Well, that is something we sometimes offer senior members of staff, but to show good faith I’ll provisionally offer you the bonus scheme – but I’ll have to okay it with Philip first.

ST: That’s fine. I also see there are 25 days holiday…

MB: Yes. That’s standard.

ST: Hmmm…but it’s not very much for a high pressure job though…

MB: I can’t offer you any more holidays…

ST: No, but I was wondering if I could delay the start date – so instead of starting a week from now, as we discussed, I could start in a month’s time?

MB: You’re a tough negotiator, Sarah!

ST: That’s one of the reasons you hired me!

MB: Yes, of course. Ok, I think we can do that – I’ll look forward to seeing you in a month, and earning those bonuses!


fire away – an informal invitation to ask a question

specifics – a precise quality or detail

a pay scale – a pay range for a particular type of work or for all types of work within a particular organisation

a fixed salary – a salary that doesn’t increase over time.

compensate – to pay somebody for work done or for something lost

bonus – an amount of money given in addition to normal pay, especially as a reward

stock options – the opportunity to buy shares in a company

provisionally – temporary or conditional

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