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Dans le monde du travail et particulièrement lors de correspondance écrite (mail ou lettre), il est important de signifier le titre du poste occupé, juste derrière le nom de la personne à laquelle vous vous adressez.

Exemple : Mr Davidson, Personnel Manager

Voici une liste des titres les plus courants auxquels vous pourriez être confrontés.


  • Chairman (of the board) or President : the person at the top of the hierarchy
  • Vice Chairman or Vice President : second in the hierarchy
  • Managing Director or CEO (Chief Executive Officer) : in charge of the day-to-day running of the business
  • Finance Director or CFO (Chief Financial Officer) : responsible for all matters concerning finance
  • Accountant or Financial Controller : oversees the book-keeping
  • Marketing Manager / Director : coordinates all commercial activities
  • Sales Manager / Director : in charge of the Sales Team
  • Communications Manager / Director : manages one of the products in the product portfolio
  • Legal Affairs Manager / Director : deals with legal matters
  • IT (Information Technology) Manager / Director or CIO (Chief Information Officer) : responsible for all hardware and software in the company
  • Production Manager / Director or COO (Chief Operations Officer) : responsible for output
  • Plant Manager / Director : in charge of one factory
  • Foreman : responsible for a group of workers
  • Personnel Manager or Human Resources Manager / Director : in charge of all matters concerning staff
  • Research and Development Manager / Director : heads the team that comes up with new ideas and products
  • Purchasing Manager / Director : deals with suppliers
  • Facility Manager / Director : head of maintenance, catering and other facilities
  • PA (Personal Assistant) : deals with administrative duties
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