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British Food vocabulary

Aujourd’hui, nous allons voir ensemble quelques spécialités de la cuisine anglaise et leur définition. Voici un très bon exercice pour s’entraîner à la compréhension : vous allez découvrir le nom anglais de chaque spécialité ou produit ; essayez de deviner de quoi il s’agit grâce à la définition qui suit, elle aussi en anglais !

Vous pouvez éventuellement vous aider des images, mais attention, seulement 8 produits sont représentés et ils sont évidemment dans le désordre !

Parsnips : large, white, carrot-like root vegetables. Often served roasted, with a roast dinner.

Custard : a sweet, yellow sauce which is served hot.

Bacon rashers : Slices of meat which come from a pig. Often included in a traditional English breakfast.

Cauliflower : A white, broccoli-like vegetable with a mild flavor. Sometimes served in a cheese sauce.

Chop : A thick slice of pork or lamb, on the bone.

Pickle : A thick, tasty relish (savoury sauce) containing pieces of preserved vegetables.

Mustard : A hot (spicy), yellow, thick, condiment, usually eaten with meat.

Sausages : Cylinder-shaped portions of minced meat, which are usually made of pork.

Gravy : A brown, savoury sauce for meat. Served hot.

Batter : A mixture of eggs, flour and water or milk. Used for coating food before cooking, and for making pancakes and Yorkshire pudding.

Yorkshire pudding : A small, savoury, cake made of batter and baked in an oven. Usually eaten with roast beef.

Trifle : A dessert made of cake, custard and cream. Sometimes contains sherry (fortified wine).

Brussels sprouts : Small, round, green, cabbage-like vegetables.

Pancake : A thin, flat cake made of batter and fried. Can be folded or rolled up and served with either sweet or savoury fillings.

Crumble : A hot fruit pudding with a mixture of flour and fat on the top, like breadcrumbs.

Cheddar : This is a firm, pale yellow cheese which can have a mild or strong flavour.

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