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parler anglais : vous êtes embauché ! (10)

Sarah commence son premier jour au travail dans l'entreprise. Transcript PH: Sarah! Good to meet you again! And welcome on board! ST: Thanks Philip, I’m very pleased to be here. PH: I hope you enjoyed your holiday – where did you go? ST: I went to Thailand…it was lovely – great beaches and lovely food… […]

parler anglais: vous êtes embauché ! (9)

Avant d'accepter l'offre de l'entreprise, Sarah négocie avec Marcia sur son contrat. MB: Hi! Welcome to WebWare. ST: Thanks, nice to see you again MB: You too. So, you said you wanted to come in and have a chat before you started… ST: Yeah, I just wanted to have a look round, and ask a […]

parler anglais : vous êtes embauché !(8)

Marcia écrit des emails aux deux candidats pour leur informer le résultat. Transcript MB: …ok…ok…that’s great! We’ll be pleased to have you on the team! Looking forward to seeing you next week! Bye! PH: Was that Sarah? MB: Yes – she’s going to accept the job, and wants to come in next week for a […]

parler anglais : vous êtes embauché ! (7)

Philip Hart et Marcia Boardman discuctent quel candidat qu’on va prendre. PH: So…what did you think? MB: Well… between Sarah Timms and Daniel Watson – I think the choice is pretty obvious! PH: Yes – so do I. Watson looked so good on paper… MB: He seemed very good when I first spoke to him […]

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