vocabulaire anglais : lexique du football (2)-le jeux et la pénalité

vocabulaire anglais : lexique du football (2)-le jeux et la pénalité

Plays and Penalties
throw in : une remise en jeu, une touche
ex. Beckham will take the throw-in .
corner kick : un corner
ex. Favalli tackles Semioli on the right-wing by-line and Chievo win the first corner kick of the season. Vieri blocks Cossato’s near-post header and it’s another corner for the home side.
free kick: un coup franc, coup de pied arrêté

goal kick :
six mètres
ex.Inter win their fourth corner of the second half. Recoba’s cross goes out of play and Chievo win a goal kick.
header :une tête
own goal : un but contre son camp
ex. Against Paraguay he took the free-kick that went in for an own goal and against Trinidad& Tobago he put in the cross in for Peter Crouch’s goal.
hand ball : une faute de main
ex.Intetional hand ball!

offside : hors-jeu ( anonyme : onside ex.He was definitely onside when he scored that goal.)
ex.be in an offside position
fake fall : une simulation
penalty kick : un pénalty

penalty spot: le point de pénalty
Plus d’infos sur les cours d’anglais ?
ex. Luque scored the game’s opening goal from the penalty spot, before being replaced on the half hour mark, but Allardyce has been reassured the injury is not serious.

yellow card : le  carton jaune
red card : le carton rouge

ex. The umpire shows an yellow card for temporarily suspend an offending player for a minimum of 5 minutes.

half-time interval : mi-temps
round robin :

ex. Since there are six matches is played, so the single round robin system will is adopted.

extra time :
elimination match :
injury time : le temps reglementaire / additionel
ex.Chelsea’s Joe Cole set up Crouch to cancel out Omar Pouso’s first-half volley and then scored one himself in injury time to clinch victory.
golden goal / sudden death : le but en or
ex.France brought the curtain down on Euro 2000 on July 2 night with a Golden Goal victory over Italy.
disqualification : déqualification
draw : match nul
ex. “I prefer to win than draw but a draw in a semi-final over two legs is a draw,” he insisted.
foul : faute
ex.a foul shot that must be made in order to earn the right to a second foul shot.
sent off : expluser
ex.This match was played with so much emotion with Terry was stretchered off, Adebayor suspended, Wenger fined, a team brawl ensued and three players sent off.

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