vocabulaire anglais: lexique football (3) les techniques

vocabulaire anglais: lexique football (3) les techniques

les techniques

bicycle kick, overhead kick : La bicyclette, aussi appelé ciseaux retourné, retourné acrobatique voire simplement retourné ou ciseaux,
put up a strong defense : bétonner
to trap : contrôler le ballon
to get past an opponent : déborder
to (take a) dive : faire du chiqué
to pass (the ball) : faire une passe
to head (the ball) :faire une tête
to bring down: faucher
to score (a goal) : marquer (un but)
be winning, leading the game : mener to lead,
ex. The classy playmaker was in the side beaten on penalties by Liverpool in the Champions’ League Final, despite leading the game3-0 at half-time.
to save a goal/penalty : sauver un but/penalty
ex.The goalkeeper made a spectacular dive to save the goal
dribble : dribbler
ex.He dribbled past two defenders and scored a magnificent goal.

volley : volée
ex. Kaka turned his side’s dominance into goals with a fine volley on11 minutes, while Clarence Seedorf thumped home a volley from the same position on the half hour mark as United were left dazzled by Milan’s slick passing and tireless pressing.
clear : dégager
ex.if you clear a ball, or a ball clears, it is kicked or hit away from the area near your own goalnutmeg : petit pont,

shielding : protéger 
man-to-man marking :la défense individuelle
obstruction :
sliding tackle :
un tacle glissé
back-heeler :
a chest trap :
un amorti de la poitrine
header :
hat-trick :
le coup-du-chapeau
direct free kick : un coup de franc directe
ex. When committed within a team’s own penalty area, a major foul is penalized by a penalty kick; when committed elsewhere, major fouls are penalized by a direct free kick. Minor offenses are to be penalized by an indirect free kick.

the clincher : un but décisif
an assist : un passe décisif
short pass:  passe courte
straight pass: passe directe
forward pass: passe en profondeur

long pass
: passe longue
one-touch pass : passe par déviation
body contact : engagement physique

diving header :une tête plongeante
ex. Watching mesmerized the Divine Swan defy the laws of gravity of Newton in Madrid and score a diving header from the ground. Breathe-taking stuff.

break through :
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