Grammaire anglaise: Verbes attributifs

Grammaire anglaise: Verbes attributifs

link verbs

Certains verbes sont suivis par soit un nom soit un adjectif :

She was a good friend. = N + V + N
She was very happy. = N + V + Adj.
He became headmaster. = N + V + N
He became angry. = N + V + Adj.

Ils s’appellent les verbes attibutifs( link verbs) :

  • be
  • become
  • appear
  • feel
  • look
  • remain
  • seem
  • sound

She seemed an intelligent woman.
She seemed intelligent.
He looked hungry.
He looked a good player.

After appear and seem we often use to be:
She appeared to be an intelligent woman.
He seemed to be angry.

certains sont parfois suivis par les adjectifs. :

  • get
  • go
  • grow
  • taste
  • smell

He got hungry in the evening.
She grew
stronger every day.

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