parler anglais : vous êtes embauché ! (10)

parler anglais : vous êtes embauché ! (10)

Sarah commence son premier jour au travail dans l'entreprise.


PH: Sarah! Good to meet you again! And welcome on board!
ST: Thanks Philip, I’m very pleased to be here.
PH: I hope you enjoyed your holiday – where did you go?
ST: I went to Thailand…it was lovely – great beaches and lovely food…
PH: Lucky you! It’s time for hard work now, though!
ST: I’m ready for it!
MB: Let me show you to your office…
ST: I didn’t know I’d have my own office! So you don’t hot desk here?
MB: Well, most people do – as you can see – but we thought you’d need all your own private space…
PH: Yes, especially if you’re meeting clients directly…
MB: But the atmosphere is actually quite informal because it’s open plan.
ST: That’s good – I like that – you definitely get the sense of everyone being really busy!
PH: Yes, they are – I hope!
MB: So – this is your space!
ST: Wow! Great – lots of space! My last office was much smaller…
PH: How many people did you work with there?
ST: I had a team of three.
PH: Well here you’ll have six people under you. We’ll introduce you to your sales team after lunch.
ST: Hmmm – that sounds good. What do you usually do for lunch?
MB: Some people bring it in, but there’s a canteen on the ground floor – the food’s actually quite good, and pretty cheap!
ST: Great.
PH: Now then, I’ll tell you about your schedule – there’s a sales and marketing meeting every Monday, as well as a meet up with the various heads of department on Thursday afternoon, just so we know what we’re doing…
MB: Other than that, how you organise your time is up to you…
ST: That’s fine – I’m a good time manager!
PH: Ok…we’ll leave you to it then!
ST: I think I’m going to like working here!


on board – into an existing group or project
hot desk – the practice of using any available desk at work, instead of having a desk assigned to you
open plan – used to describe a large open undivided space, especially in a workplace
a canteen – place where food is served, especially at a military base or workplace

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